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XSL FO Features Test

Tests in this set show the use of various XSL FO (XSLFO) objects and properties. These tests may be useful for understanding basics of XSL FO (XSLFO) and assessing XSL FO (XSLFO) formatter conformance.

All examples have common XML markup, translated into XSL FO (XSLFO) via a dedicated XSLT stylesheet macro.xsl. Images referenced from these tests are available for download.


Character Sets - Adobe Standard

Enumerates the glyph repertory of standard PDF Latin fonts (Adobe Extended Roman character set) and lists Unicode values for glyphs therein.

Source XML: adobe-standard.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: adobe-standard.pdf


Text Block Attributes - Alignment

Tests XSL FO (XSLFO) attributes dealing with horizontal text alignment: text-align, text-indent, text-align-last.

Source XML: align.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: align.pdf


Extended Font Attributes - Font Aspect and X-Height Adjustment

Demonstrates aspect-preserving font size adjustment.

Source XML: aspect.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: aspect.pdf


Vertical Alignment Properties - Baseline Shift

Shows how to alter vertical position of inline elements: subscripts/superscripts.

Source XML: baseline-shift.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: baseline-shift.pdf


Block Properties - Background Images (rx-extensions)

Tests RenderX extensions to control background image sizing and scaling. The following attributes are involved: rx:background-content-height, rx:background-content-width, rx:background-scaling.

Source XML: bgimage-sized.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: bgimage-sized.pdf


Block Properties - Background Images

Tests background image placement and tiling.

Source XML: bgimage.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: bgimage.pdf


Basic Font Attributes - Font Weight

Tests different font weights.

Source XML: bold.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: bold.pdf


Block Properties - Borders

Shows border attributes: colors, widths and styles.

Source XML: borders.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: borders.pdf


Basic Formatting Attributes - Color

Tests RGB color treatment and predefined color keywords in various contexts - text, background, and borders.

Source XML: color.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: color.pdf



Tests multi-column pages and reference-orientation on page regions.

Source XML: columns.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: columns.pdf



Tests absolute and relative placement, borders, and reference orientation on <fo:block-container> elements.

Source XML: containers.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: containers.pdf


Basic Font Attributes - Font Decoration

Demonstrates text decoration attributes - underline, overline, and strikethrough.

Source XML: decoration.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: decoration.pdf


Basic Font Attributes - Font Family

Tests standard PDF fonts (Helvetica, Times, Courier, Symbol, Zapf Dingbats), extra (embedded) fonts, and generic font families. Also demonstrates usage of multiple fonts in font-family.

Source XML: family.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: family.pdf


Text Block Attributes - First Line Formatting

Tests first-line formatting - <fo:initial-property-set> element.

Source XML: firstline.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: firstline.pdf



Tests processing of footnotes in multi-column layouts.

Source XML: footnotes.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: footnotes.pdf


Conditional Page Master

Demonstrates usage of force-page-count attribute to pad the length of page sequences. Also tests conditional page master references for blank pages.

Source XML: force-page-count.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: force-page-count.pdf


Side Regions - Borders, Background, Reference Orientation

Tests borders and backgrounds on side regions, with special emphasis on reference orientation.

Source XML: headers.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: headers.pdf


Graphics - Inline Images

Tests scaling and vertical positioning on inline images.

Source XML: images-inline.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: images-inline.pdf


Text Block Attributes - Indents

Tests various indentation attributes: start-indent, end-indent, text-indent, and last-line-end-indent.

Source XML: indent.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: indent.pdf


Inlines - Borders, Padding and Background

Tests borders and background on <fo:inline> element, including conditional borders/padding.

Source XML: inline-borders.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: inline-borders.pdf


Basic Font Attributes - Font Style

Tests slant variations of fonts: italic, oblique, backslant.

Source XML: italic.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: italic.pdf


Rules & Leaders

Tests several types of <fo:leader> elements: space-filled, dot-filled, rule-filled, patterned.

Source XML: leader.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: leader.pdf


Advanced Inline Attributes - Line Break Control

Tests control over line splitting.

Source XML: linebreak.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: linebreak.pdf


Text Block Attributes - Line Height

Tests line-height attribute.

Source XML: lineheight.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: lineheight.pdf


Lists and Bullets

Tests XSL FO (XSLFO) elements to build various lists.

Source XML: lists.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: lists.pdf



Tests running headers/footers functionality, implemented through <fo:marker>/<fo:retrieve-marker> elements.

Source XML: marker.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: marker.pdf


Repeatable Page Master

Shows the effects of maximum-repeats attribute on <fo:repeatable-page-master-reference> and <fo:repeatable-page-master-alternatives> elements.

Source XML: maximum-repeats.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: maximum-repeats.pdf


Block Properties - Padding

Explores padding attributes on blocks. Both split-up and shorthand padding specifiers are tested.

Source XML: padding.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: padding.pdf


Advanced Paragraph Attributes - Page Break Control

Tests page break control via keep-together attribute.

Source XML: pagebreak.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: pagebreak.pdf


Static Content

Tests named regions functionality and fo:static-content elements.

Source XML: pagemaster.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: pagemaster.pdf


Conditional Page Master

Tests processing of complex page sequence masters.

Source XML: pagesequence.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: pagesequence.pdf


Shorthand Notation Attributes - Font

Tests parsing of font shorthand attribute.

Source XML: sh-font.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: sh-font.pdf


Basic Font Attributes - Font Shadow

Tests font shadow effects.

Source XML: shadow.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: shadow.pdf


Side-floats Test

Tests side-floats and their interaction with emphasis on clear and intrusion-displace properties.

Source XML: side-floats.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: side-floats.pdf


Basic Font Attributes - Font Size

Tests different ways to specify font size.

Source XML: size.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: size.pdf


Basic Font Attributes - Smallcaps

Tests smallcaps variant for fonts.

Source XML: smallcaps.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: smallcaps.pdf


Common Margin Properties - Block

Tests block margin properties - space-before and space-after.

Source XML: space-before.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: space-before.pdf


Text Attributes - Character and Word Spacing

Tests inter-word and inter-character spacing - letter-spacing and word-spacing attributes.

Source XML: spacing.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: spacing.pdf


Text Block Attributes - Line Stacking Strategy

Tests different line stacking strategies.

Source XML: stacking.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: stacking.pdf


Basic Font Attributes - Font Stretch

Tests horizontal scaling of text via font-stretch attribute.

Source XML: stretch.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: stretch.pdf


Character Sets - Symbol

Enumerates the glyph repertory of Adobe Symbol font and lists Unicode values for glyphs therein.

Source XML: symbol.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: symbol.pdf


Column Specifiers in Tables

Contains examples of <fo:table-column> usage.

Source XML: table_columns.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: table_columns.pdf


Tables with Headers/Footers/Multiple Bodies

Tests row group elements for tables: fo:table-header, fo:table-footer, and two fo:table-body.

Source XML: table_headers.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: table_headers.pdf


Basic Tables

Tests basic table functionality.

Source XML: table_plain.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: table_plain.pdf


Tables with Cells Spanning Multiple Rows/Columns

Tests complex table layouts with cells spanning multiple columns and/or rows.

Source XML: table_spans.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: table_spans.pdf


Text Transformations - Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalized

Shows text case transformations.

Source XML: transform.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: transform.pdf


Character Sets - Zapf Dingbats

Enumerates the glyph repertory of Zapf Dingbats font and lists Unicode values for glyphs therein.

Source XML: zapf-dingbats.xml
Stylesheets needed: macro.xsl
Output: zapf-dingbats.pdf


March 5, 2011
XEP 4.19 released

New extensions for RichMedia in PDF,
sticky notes and file attachments, and
overprinting. Extended XSL1.1 scaling
attributes, and styling for bookmarks.
XForms output, support for SVG in XPS
generator, and other improvements.

More news...

March 1, 2011
RenderX at 2011 AIIM

Visit us in Booth #1820 and #1109 at
the Walter E. Washington Conv. Center,
Washington D.C., March 22 - 24, 2011

More news...

February 22, 2011
VisualXSL 2.4.2 released

Improved support for large designs.
Fully configurable custom template
generation. UI related bugfixes
and table editor improvements.

More news...

December 8, 2010
VisualXSL 2.4 released

Support for external EXSLT library -
Mvp.Xml EXSLT.NET module. UI & logic
related bugfixes. Improved XSLT security.

More news...

October 19, 2010
VDPMill 3.4 released

Major release: a GUI application
for full job control, lots of usability
improvements, and bug fixes.

More news...

September 27, 2010
XEPWin 3.0 released

Release enables better utilization
of computational resources in multi-
core environments. XEPWin 3.0 also
contains improvements in configuration,
error reporting and XEPWin API.

More news...

September 8, 2010
EnMasse 2.3 released

EnMasse is now easier than before!
The Windows version includes
a graphical configuration editor
with built in validation support.
The platform-independent version
was shipped with command-line
installer and configuration script.

More news...

August 25, 2010
VDPMill 3.3 released

Release brings job queuing application
with an XML-RPC interface, VDPMill
Control Panel as a console to configure
and run VDPMill components, a user-
friendly GUI application to create
VDPMill job tickets.

More news...

June 3, 2010
VDPMill 3.2 released

Release includes XML job ticket support
as the main format for GUI application
project files, customized post-
processing (OMR, Transpromo) support
for separated/joined output.

More news...

May 4, 2010
VisualXSL 2.3.1 released

Release includes JavaScript for
radiobuttons and action buttons
in PDF forms, further improvements
over Undo operations, and several
display problems.

More news...

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