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XEPWin Engine

XEPWin is a combination of code and applications targeted at XEP users and programmers on the Windows platform. XEPWin installs surrounding the XEP Engine and wraps all functionality with a .NET service, exposing all core rendering functionality to .NET applications and programming interfaces.

XEPWin core product comes with support for output of PDF, PDF/X, PDF/A, PostScript and our own XML output capabilities. Additional output modules are available as add-ons to the core product. These include PDF Forms, AFP, Microsoft XPS, PPML, SVG and HTML formats.

XEP Engine

XEPWin has all the same functionality as XEP Engine, because it is XEP Engine. Only the Java interfaces and GUI have been hidden and replaced by Windows-centric .NET interfaces. XEPWin has the same core technical requirements and delivers the same capabilities as XEP Engine. XEPWin requires a Java Virtual Machine for the core engine as well as Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or later for the service layer.


XEPWin comes with three applications for ease of use. A command-line tool much like the Java version can be invoked from a command prompt or easily tied to right-mouse click actions in a Windows menus. XEPWin also comes with a .NET version of the XEP Assistant, a GUI for selecting XML and XSL files for conversion.

New with XEPWin is ActiXEP, a Windows-based hot folder application. ActiXEP is a GUI and service-based application. It can be used to create hot folders that accept files via drag-and-drop or programmically copied for rendering. You can create as many folders as you like, tie different XSL transformations to particular folders or even make generic folders that accept XSL FO (XSLFO) directly or XML files with XSL style sheet links.


Licensing Information

XEPWin is available in two license models, XEPWin Desktop and XEPWin Server.


XEPWin Desktop

XEPWin Desktop is for casual use by a single user installed on a desktop computer. Authors use one of the pre-built applications or possibly call the transformation from a Windows-based editor like XMetal using .NET coding or command-line interface.

XEPWin Desktop is licensed for use by an individual on a single desktop machine with discounts available for packages of licenses for workgroups or organizations. XEPWin Desktop can be purchased from our online shop or contact sales about volume discounts.


XEPWin Server

XEPWin Server is for high-volume, multi-user or batch formatting in server-side applications. XEPWin Server generates rich reports from databases, prints high volumes of personalized correspondence and provides on-line creation of dynamic, customized documents. XEPWin Server can be called programmatically from .NET applications. ActiXEP can be used with shared directories to provide a large scale rendering service to a workgroup of users.

XEPWin Server is licensed by CPU of the server environment with discounts for purchases of multiple CPU licenses.

Extended Support is available with server purchases. Extended Support customers enjoy free access to all point releases for feature enhancements and bug fixes within the current major version. Current Extended Support customers also are granted new major releases at a significant discount off list price. Purchase of Extended Support includes a free integration kit and special integration assistance for your project. Contact sales for a custom quote based on your configuration and use.


Pricing Information

Purchase Online!

Please see our current price list for more details on RenderX packaged solutions. This information serves as a guide for end-users of our software, for other arrangements like OEM or reseller contracts, please contact sales.


XEPWin Desktop

XEPWin Desktop is USD $360.00 for a single copy with discounts available for package purchases. Please see our current price list for further details. XEPWin Desktop can be purchased from our online shop or contact sales for more information.


XEPWin Server

XEPWin Server is USD $4,400.00 per CPU Single-Core of the production machine with discounts available for multiple CPU and CPU-Core purchases. For all initial purchases, either one integration kit or Extended Support is required. Extended Support is 20% of software purchase annually. Please see our current price list for further details. XEPWin Server can be purchased from our online shop or contact sales for more information.



March 5, 2011
XEP 4.19 released

New extensions for RichMedia in PDF,
sticky notes and file attachments, and
overprinting. Extended XSL1.1 scaling
attributes, and styling for bookmarks.
XForms output, support for SVG in XPS
generator, and other improvements.

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March 1, 2011
RenderX at 2011 AIIM

Visit us in Booth #1820 and #1109 at
the Walter E. Washington Conv. Center,
Washington D.C., March 22 - 24, 2011

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February 22, 2011
VisualXSL 2.4.2 released

Improved support for large designs.
Fully configurable custom template
generation. UI related bugfixes
and table editor improvements.

More news...

December 8, 2010
VisualXSL 2.4 released

Support for external EXSLT library -
Mvp.Xml EXSLT.NET module. UI & logic
related bugfixes. Improved XSLT security.

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October 19, 2010
VDPMill 3.4 released

Major release: a GUI application
for full job control, lots of usability
improvements, and bug fixes.

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September 27, 2010
XEPWin 3.0 released

Release enables better utilization
of computational resources in multi-
core environments. XEPWin 3.0 also
contains improvements in configuration,
error reporting and XEPWin API.

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September 8, 2010
EnMasse 2.3 released

EnMasse is now easier than before!
The Windows version includes
a graphical configuration editor
with built in validation support.
The platform-independent version
was shipped with command-line
installer and configuration script.

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August 25, 2010
VDPMill 3.3 released

Release brings job queuing application
with an XML-RPC interface, VDPMill
Control Panel as a console to configure
and run VDPMill components, a user-
friendly GUI application to create
VDPMill job tickets.

More news...

June 3, 2010
VDPMill 3.2 released

Release includes XML job ticket support
as the main format for GUI application
project files, customized post-
processing (OMR, Transpromo) support
for separated/joined output.

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May 4, 2010
VisualXSL 2.3.1 released

Release includes JavaScript for
radiobuttons and action buttons
in PDF forms, further improvements
over Undo operations, and several
display problems.

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