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FO Tips and Tricks

Examples in this set share a common simple XML markup. The backbone XSLT stylesheet generic.xsl contains basic templates that produce valid XSL FO (XSLFO) documents given one of these examples. Most individual XML files have a complementary stylesheet that demonstrates specific XSL FO techniques employed for a particular use case or trick. All these stylesheets import generic.xsl backbone. Images referenced in this set can be downloaded here:


Character-by-character font selection strategy

Explains use of font-selection-strategy attribute with character-by-character value for texts in mixed languages or different charsets.

Source XML: charbychar.xml
Stylesheets needed: generic.xsl
Output: charbychar.pdf


Creating drop capitals using side floats

Create dropped capitals from either plain text or image.

Source XML: dropcap.xml
Stylesheets needed: generic.xsl dropcap.xsl
Output: dropcap.pdf


Basic use of side floats

Shows how to use <fo:float> elements with different values of clear property to create incuts (illustrations) and floating headers.

Source XML: float.xml
Stylesheets needed: generic.xsl float.xsl
Output: float.pdf


Fonts embedding

Embeds fonts of different types (Type1, TrueType, CJK) and shows appopropiate configuration settings.

Source XML: fontembed.xml
Stylesheets needed: generic.xsl
Output: fontembed.pdf


Scaling images using scale-to-fit

Scales down images using scale-to-fit value of content-width and content-height traits.

Source XML: image-scale.xml
Stylesheets needed: generic.xsl image-scale.xsl
Output: image-scale.pdf


Creating document indexes using RenderX extensions

Creates document indexes using RenderX extensions. Single-page and range references, different styling for index entries.

Source XML: index.xml
Stylesheets needed: generic.xsl index.xsl
Output: index.pdf


Creating marginalia using side floats

Creates marginalia (notes on margins synchronized with the main text) using <fo:float> elements together with margin property.

Source XML: marginalia.xml
Stylesheets needed: generic.xsl marginalia.xsl
Output: marginalia.pdf


Instream SVG in XSL FO (XSLFO): Tree graphs

Creates XSL FO (XSLFO) document with embedded SVG graphic generated from arbitrary XML data. Shows one possible usecase of SVG usage - generation of tree graphs from phrase constituent structures.

Source XML: svg1.xml
Stylesheets needed: generic.xsl svg1.xsl
Output: svg1.pdf


Instream SVG in XSL FO (XSLFO): Diagrams

Creates XSL FO (XSLFO) document with embedded SVG graphic generated from arbitrary XML data. Shows one possible usecase of SVG usage - generation of a diagram based on numeric data stored in XML.

Source XML: svg2.xml
Stylesheets needed: generic.xsl svg2.xsl
Output: svg2.pdf


Use of rx:table-omit-initial-header parameter

Shows use of rx:table-omit-initial-header RenderX extension attribute to create continuation headers in tables.

Source XML: table-header.xml
Stylesheets needed: generic.xsl table-header.xsl
Output: table-header.pdf


Decimal point alignment using fo:list-block or fo:leader

Emulates the effect of text-alignment="." using fo:list-block or fo:leader elements.

Source XML: decalign.xml
Stylesheets needed: generic.xsl decalign.xsl
Output: decalign.pdf


March 5, 2011
XEP 4.19 released

New extensions for RichMedia in PDF,
sticky notes and file attachments, and
overprinting. Extended XSL1.1 scaling
attributes, and styling for bookmarks.
XForms output, support for SVG in XPS
generator, and other improvements.

More news...

March 1, 2011
RenderX at 2011 AIIM

Visit us in Booth #1820 and #1109 at
the Walter E. Washington Conv. Center,
Washington D.C., March 22 - 24, 2011

More news...

February 22, 2011
VisualXSL 2.4.2 released

Improved support for large designs.
Fully configurable custom template
generation. UI related bugfixes
and table editor improvements.

More news...

December 8, 2010
VisualXSL 2.4 released

Support for external EXSLT library -
Mvp.Xml EXSLT.NET module. UI & logic
related bugfixes. Improved XSLT security.

More news...

October 19, 2010
VDPMill 3.4 released

Major release: a GUI application
for full job control, lots of usability
improvements, and bug fixes.

More news...

September 27, 2010
XEPWin 3.0 released

Release enables better utilization
of computational resources in multi-
core environments. XEPWin 3.0 also
contains improvements in configuration,
error reporting and XEPWin API.

More news...

September 8, 2010
EnMasse 2.3 released

EnMasse is now easier than before!
The Windows version includes
a graphical configuration editor
with built in validation support.
The platform-independent version
was shipped with command-line
installer and configuration script.

More news...

August 25, 2010
VDPMill 3.3 released

Release brings job queuing application
with an XML-RPC interface, VDPMill
Control Panel as a console to configure
and run VDPMill components, a user-
friendly GUI application to create
VDPMill job tickets.

More news...

June 3, 2010
VDPMill 3.2 released

Release includes XML job ticket support
as the main format for GUI application
project files, customized post-
processing (OMR, Transpromo) support
for separated/joined output.

More news...

May 4, 2010
VisualXSL 2.3.1 released

Release includes JavaScript for
radiobuttons and action buttons
in PDF forms, further improvements
over Undo operations, and several
display problems.

More news...

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